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Leyla's New Handbook on the Disruptive Design Method is out

Disrupt Design

After a decade of focusing her career on figuring out how to use design as a catalyst for positive social and environmental change, five years refining the Disruptive Design Method and over two years of teaching it to creative rebels and change agents around the world, Leyla has finally put the process down on paper (or in this case, on screen? It's a downloadable PDF.) We're excited to share the release of the Disruptive Design Method Handbook(!), a must-read for anyone interested in challenging the status quo and shifting systems to make the world work better for all of us.                         

Disruptive Design Method Handbook (E-Book)

Are you creative, eager to disrupt the status quo and passionate about making the world work better for all of us? This handbook will help you activate your agency, upskill in changemaking, and amplify your impact.

Discover the unique creative method of activating positive social and environmental change through the Disruptive Design Method – a three-part process of mining, landscaping and building to help you activate positive systems change in the world around you. 

Developed by sustainability provocateur and creative protagonist, award-winning designer, sociologist, and UNEP 2016 Champion of the Earth, Dr. Leyla Acaroglu, the Disruptive Design Method is a holistic and substance-based approach to complex, creative problem solving. The method combines sociological inquiry methods, sustainability strategies, systems and design thinking tools, which, together, can be employed to develop strategic creative systems interventions that enact social and sustainable change. 

Anyone, anywhere, can make change – no matter how big or small their sphere of influence may be. This method provides a process for doing it, as it guides people through the process of exploring and understanding problems, identifying strategic points of intervention, ideating, prototyping solutions, and ultimately getting their change-making provocations out into the world. 

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