Sustainability Provocateur, Designer, Sociologist, Experimental Educator and Social Change Maker


Google, UK

Gates Foundation, USA


Summit @Powder Mountain, USA

Bonier GRID, Stockholm

ING Direct, Australia


CSIRO, Australia

PRE Consultants, Netherlands

BMW Designworks, USA

Environment Victoria, Australia

WIX Lounge, USA

United Nations (UN) Headquarters, NYC 

Australian Packaging Covenant (APC)

National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), Australia

Savannah School Art and Design (SCAD), USA

New York University, NYC

Minneapolis School of Art and Design, USA

Monash University, Australia

Swinbourne University, Australia

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia

University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia 

Canberra University, Australia

TU Delft University, Netherlands

Polytechnic University Milan, Italy

Center for Sustainability Leadership, Australia

Leadership Victoria, Australia

Craft Victoria, Australia

KOC University, Istanbul, Turkey

School of Visual Arts, (SVA) NYC 



“Acaroglu doesn’t think socially responsible design should be driven by a moral imperative. Instead, sustainability is most powerful when thought of as ‘a parameter’ that fuels innovation” - Madeleine Hinchy, Powerhouse Museum


"Wow. Awesome. Amazing. Leyla is a synapse - with her energy, passion, knowledge and humour, she ignites every neuron in the audience, and frees people to think and design sustainably. From the stage to workshops to one on one, she is authentic and generous. In 10 years of hosting events and education I have never before had participants declare their LOVE for the presenter - she changed our thinking and got the dopamine flowing." - Trish Hyde, CEO, Australian Packaging Covenant


"Leyla Acaroglu has become one of Australia’s most vocal eco-design advocates" - Dane Rule, The Age


"Creative Force Leyla Acaroglu uses innovative design and systems thinking to create positive change"TED.com  


"Leyla is an ambitious and dedicated person with a strong ethical compass, her work to date is evidence of her ability to achieve quality outcomes in every project that she takes on" - Trent Jansen, Award winning Designer


"Leyla Acaroglu is an amazing speaker, and her concept of using environmental folklore to simplify and explain complex systems is brilliant.  She engages even the most cynical to her thought-provoking conclusion that design and innovation can lead to a more sustainable future.” – Brock Macdonald, CEO, Recycling Council of British Columbia  


"As the preeminent thought leader in her field, Leyla Acaroglu, and her firm Eco Innovators, has been championing systemic life cycle sustainability as key to a sustainable future." - Lieu Thi Pham, Australian Design Review


“Leyla has an infectious ability and passion for seeing better ways of doing things and finding ways to do it. No challenge is too great for soultionary!" - Jason Kimberley, Founder, Cool Australia


“Leyla is a formidable force, her passionate conviction and experience with both environmental science and product design and development give her a firm understanding of both the impact of product design on the environment and the solutions that can be applied to overcome them” – Jenny Lyon, Green Magazine 


"Acaroglu is a dynamo and the students cannot fail but fall for her energy and enthusiasm" - NGV Gallery Magazine