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The Disruptive Design Method is a 3-part process for activating social change by design, developed by Leyla Acaroglu after a decade of research and practice in sustainable design and creative change-making. Leyla created the 12-part Design Methodology of high-level theories and concepts that underpin the applied DD method.

The Disruptive Design Methodology and Method set is applied through the agency Disrupt Design , and it's taught to professionals interested in activating positive social change through their work via Leyla's experimental knowledge lab, The UnSchool of Disruptive Design. 


The Disruptive Design Methodology


The DD Methodology incorporates 12 units of detailed and in-depth critical thinking and doing practices, activating people to understand and creatively intervene in complex and divergent real-world systems. It can be applied to any problem arena and is based on three pillars: Systems Thinking, Sustainability Sciences, and Design Thinking. Drawing on scholars and theories, scientific and experimental, the Methodology empowers the 3-part process of mining, landscaping, and building applied through the DD Method Set.  

The 12 units in the Disruptive Design Methodology synthesize a broad range of thinking and doing skills and tools, including systems thinking, gamification and game theory, ethics and empathy, life cycle thinking, research strategies, applied systems intervention, cognitive and behavioral sciences, ideation and creative problem solving, and sustainable production.



Each of these learning modules fit together to form the practice of Disruptive Design, which is the applied approach to designing creative interventions for positive social change.

DD method by Leyla Acaroglu
Disruptive Design Method by Leyla Acaroglu